January 3, 2022

Typical Brookline? Team spirit!

An interview with Sylvia, Manager Back Office at Brookline

Things are buzzing at Brookline. When you walk into our office you will feel it immediately! Brookline has grown incredibly fast within a short time, which would not have been possible without our fantastic team. Sylvia is one of the colleagues who does a great deal of work behind the scenes, so it’s about time to put her in the spotlight. When we ask her what she thinks defines Team Brookline, she doesn’t have to think twice: “Team spirit! The willingness to work together, to make each other better every day.”

When the Brookline job vacancy caught her eye, she was absolutely sure: “Yes, I just had to have this job! The first interview was already so incredibly cool! Even though both interviews were held over Zoom, we had an instant connection! On the same day, shortly after my second interview I received a call from Bas that the job was mine, I was on cloud nine!”

Back-office queen

We actually call Sylvia our back-office queen. Sylvia interacts with customers, suppliers and logistics service providers. She arranges the best deals, stays on top of Brookline’s processes and is highly committed to providing the best possible service for all of Brookline’s customers. In her opinion, that makes perfect sense: “Working for a company with such a wonderful dynamic and with products that I relate to so strongly is very motivating. I enjoy every facet of the company. At Brookline, we are a close-knit team, and Bas (Brookline’s founder) is a true inspiration. He allows you to be fully yourself while he takes you to the next level. The team spirit is much present here.”

The growth of Brookline

Sylvia is not surprised that Brookline has grown tremendously in such a short time. “More and more people are realising that the fun sports industry has a lot to offer. The products and brands we carry are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Not only with our ambassadors, but we’re also seeing that more and more people are looking for fun sports games to exercise together. At Brookline, we are laying the foundation for this. The growth that Brookline is experiencing also means that the awareness and experience of fun sports within Europe is on the rise. The fact that I can be a part of that is incredibly cool.”

Besides being a close team, we are very driven. Sylvia recognises this: “We will always continue to innovate our product range in order to grow. There is no doubt about that. But the main thing is that we always want to deliver the quality we do now. Delivering added value to our customers is key – that’s where our strength lies.”

The Brookline Top 3 according to Sylvia

At Brookline, we only work with the world’s coolest sports games, yet we ask Sylvia for her top three. “Spikeball is really number one for me!”, she shouts immediately. “This game has everything! You play it with multiple players, so it has the team sport idea that I like so much. Also, that you compete in teams against each other with a lot of freedom of movement makes this sports game so unique. Playing Spikeball really gives me an adrenaline boost.” Spikeball is followed in Sylvia’s top three by YOU.FO: “It’s really a super fun game! You can sit in the park and have a picnic, but I find it much more fun to do something active and YOU.FO is perfect for that. Once you get the hang of throwing the disc with the stick, you really can’t get enough of it!” At number three is KanJam: “The fact that a competitive element has been added to throwing a Frisbee is just so cool!”

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