Game-changer Crossnet re-invents volleyball and footvolley. The Miami-based Crossnet brand was created by three American childhood friends and is, literally, game-changing as it’s the World’s first four square volleyball and soccer game. Crossnet is sold in over 3,000 locations throughout the United States and is used in over 8,000 schools.

It is the number one fastest growing backyard game in the United States and is now also available in Europe! Make sure your customers can get their hands on this thrilling game at your store. 

What makes Crossnet unique?

Crossnet is the only height-adjustable four-way volleyball net making it easy to transition from regulation men’s, women’s, and children’s height in a flash. The parts are all made of durable, lightweight material that doesn’t bend, break, or tear. In Europe, where soccer is by far the biggest sport, it is expected to be a particularly popular variant of the game. The future is bright for Crossnet, and based on current reviews and customer opinions, it will remain at the top for years to come.


OUR CROSSNET best sellers

  • Volleyball Set

  • Soccer Set

  • Pickleball Set

  • H20 Set

  • H20 Inflatable

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How to play Crossnet?

The game requires at least four players, so one player per quadrant. You can add an endless number of players – just have them lined up outside square one so they can step in when someone is eliminated. The rules are simple. One hit per person, or three if you’re playing in teams. Don’t let the ball land in your square or you’re out. The winner is the first player to reach eleven points with a two-point lead.

A game for all ages
Crossnet is the perfect blend of fun and competitive, of simple and demanding. On top of that, it’s easy to assemble, and you can literally take it anywhere with you.Thanks to its simple rules and competitive nature, it’s played by top athletes as well as families and friends.