Spikeball 50% off Community Growth Discount

Spikeball 50% off community offer

Do you:

  • Play Spikeball in a club or with a local community?
  • Want to earn budget to grow your local roundnet community and organize great tournaments?
  • Have or know someone with a tax (VAT) number?

Then this 50% off Community Growth Discount for clubs & teams from Spikeball & Brookline is for you.

Spikeball - WC

What is the Community Growth Discount ?

Together with Spikeball, we at Brookline want to help you grow your local community and spread Spikeball over Europe. That’s why every roundnet club or team can now apply for 50% discount on the recommended retail price of all Spikeball products at Brookline!

YES! For example, this means you can get a Spikeball Pro Set for only € 49,95 each! And many other Spikeball products with 50% discount… To support you in growing the sport!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • We require a minimum order quantity (MOQ, in the example the MOQ is 4 Pro sets, so €199,80), all products have specific MOQ’s. Please see the catalog)
  • You need have a tax (VAT) number with your club or from someone within or related to the club.
  • There will be some shipping costs, depending on where you live (check out the rates in the order process, by clicking 'Order now')

Next to sets, we also offer Spikeball Pro balls, apparel and accessories with 50% discount! Please check out our catalog for all products.

Create your own tournament budget by reselling to your community

You are allowed to resell all products you buy at Brookline to members of your local community and their family and friends at any price you like. By reselling you can earn some income to organize incredible new Spikeball events locally. That’s what this program is about. Growing the community together.

At Brookline we get many sponsorship requests and we would love to sponsor every tournament out there. But as you understand we can’t sponsor all and we do want to treat you all equally, like this community is. So this is our way to support you all, let’s help each other out.

One but...

You can not promote this offer in public (i.e. on socials) to your community, because the offer is to help you in growing the sport, not to compete with local retailers who also play an important role in doing this.

Free shipment and free Spikeball apparel for you

If your total order is € 1000,- or more, we ship for free to any place in Europe.
If you’re above € 1500,- we give you a stunning Spikeball apperal package
And if you’re over € 2000,-…. we need to talk 🙂

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about our promotion or one of our products? Then we will be happy to help you. You can contact us Sylvia or Jill by phone: +31(0)55 3030 980 or email to orders@brookline.nl.

Order your spikeball products now with a 50% discount!


OUR Spikeball sets

  • Rookie Set

  • Standard Set

  • Pro Set

  • Spikebuoy

  • Spikebrite


The official STS, IRF and EURA tournament set, designed for serious players. The Pro Set includes one Pro net, 2 Pro Balls, a light weight backpack, ball gauge and pump.


  • 33% stronger, more stable frame.
  • No slip on any surface thanks to rubber coating and feet on each leg.
  • Easier to control Pro Ball.
  • Collapsible legs make it easy to fold up your set and toss it in the car.
  • Lifetime warranty. If a piece breaks we ‘ll replace it for free, no questions asked.


Art. code: S-PRO-002
UPC/EAN: 853759005525
Dimensions: 23,13 x 58,67 x16 cm
Weight: 2.948 g
MOQ: 4 pcs
RRP: € 99,95

OUR Spikeball Balls

  • Regular Balls

  • Pro Balls

  • Rookie Balls

  • Glow Balls

pro balls (2-pack)

The official ball for tournaments.


  • Unique texture increases spin and control.
  • 2 color design improves ball tracking


Art. code: A-PB-002
UPC/EAN: 853759005280
Dimensions: 10.16x10.16x10.16 cm
Weight: 295 g
MOQ: 16 pcs
RRP: €16