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Aerobie is a leading brand of outdoor flying discs and sports toys sold through distributors in over 35 countries aroundthe world. The unique patented designs and exceptional performance of Aerobie products are widely recognized. See what Aerobie’s international reputation and award winning product line can do for you.


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What is Aerobie?

Aerobie is a Californian company based in Palo Alto. An Aerobie is a flying ring used in a manner similar to a flying disc (Frisbee), for recreational catches between two or more individuals. Designed in 1984 by Stanford engineering lecturer Alan Adler. “Aerobie”also refers to other throwing products made by Aerobie. The Aerobie sport toys are famous for their high performance standards. Soft edges, extreme precision and unbelievable throwing distances are the touchstones of the Aerobie range.

How to play Aerobie?

You know how to throw a classic Frisbee? Then you are already completely familiar with the Aerobie. With a swing of the whole arm from the height of your chest, it takes off straight away. If you want to influence the flight behaviour of the Sprint or Pro Ring a little more, you only need to bend it a little. Of course, you have to decide for yourself how much, as this factor is very individual. It doesn’t matter whether you throw with your right or left hand; the ring will do it all.

The ring must be thrown above shoulder level and the
first player to have 11 points wins.

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What makes Aerobie unique?

Aerobie products have been prominently featured on national television and in the press and have been singled out for numerous design and performance awards. The Aerobie was used to set two former world records for thrown objects. Most notably, the Aerobie Pro flying ring set the Guinness World Record for the farthest throw - it flew an incredible 1,333 feet (406 meters). All Aerobie brand products are made under strict quality standards. Aerobie is perfect for play in backyards, parks, playgrounds, beaches, and on camping trips.



OUR AEROBIE Best sellers

  • Sprint Ring

  • Pro Ring

  • Pro Blade

AEROBIE sprint ring

The Aerobie Sprint Ring, a compact version of the Aerobie Pro ring which was used to set a Guinness World Record, flies twice as far as regular Frisbee discs for truly awesome games of catch. It is ideal for those who enjoy the incredible flying performance of Aerobie rings but have younger participants or a smaller area for play. The proprietary aerodynamic design makes it easy for players of all skill levels to throw accurately, resulting in fun for everyone. Also the ring’s rubber edge makes it soft to catch. Available in assorted colors.


  • Flies twice as far as conventional flying discs.
  • Has a diameter of 10 inches and a weight of 3,5 oz.
  • Rubber edges for soft catches.
  • Aerodynamic design makes it easy to throw well.
  • Does not float in water.

Product specifications

  • Article: Aerobie Sprint Ring Mix Color (4xO-4xY-4xBL)
  • Art. code: 6046391
  • UPC/EAN: 0778988180877
  • Dimensions box: 35  x 34 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 600 g
  • MOQ: 12 pcs
  • RRP: € 11,95

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