KanJam originated in the USA, but this great game is now played all over the world and is getting more popular every day. There’s a good reason for that! 

You know that game where people throw discs at what appears to be a black trash can? That’s KanJam, and it’s awesome! The game was created in the 1980s by Charles Sciandra and Paul Swisher—two friends from Buffalo who enjoyed the simple thrill of throwing discs into banged-up metal garbage cans. KanJam is now played in all 50 states, across Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and in many other countries around the world.

What makes KanJam unique?

From the beginnings of “Garbage Can Frisbee”, KanJam has become one of the more popular unique games out there. KanJam is lightweight, easy to set up, and comprised of the most durable materials available. 

A game for everyone

KanJam can be played by anyone, from elite athletes to absolute beginners, from young to old. It’s easy to learn and never stops being fun. There are also variations of the original game, including KanJam Mini, KanJam Splash and KanJam Illuminate. These are designed to be played indoors, on table tops, in water and at night!

How to play KANJAM?

KanJam is played in two teams of two, with partners on the opposite end of the playing field.“Players throw the disc at the opposite Kan, where their teammate will usually attempt to deflect the disc at or into the Kan.”The deflector has one chance to tip the disc. The tip can be made with either or both hands, and can occur anywhere, even in front of the Kan if the throw is short. The deflector may not carry (grab and throw) or double touch the disc. The winner will be the first team to reach exactly 21 points. 


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MORE Kanjam products?

KanJam Discs

There are several KanJam discs available. In different colors, size and weight. Take a look at the range and offer your customers a variety to make the game even more fun.

KanJam Illuminate Balls

Never let Mother nature tell you it’s time to stop playing your favorite game! The Illuminate LED balls glows bright and will keep your game going for hours afterthe sun goes down. The balls glows bright while playing and shuts off automatically when not in use. Now you can enjoy your favorite ball game any hour of the day!


Special Make Up (SMU) KanJam Game Set.

For brands who want to take their promotion to the next level and want KanJam with their branding to be seen at beaches, parks, sporting grounds and parties we offer a Special Make Up (SMU) KanJam Game Set. With a wide variety of customization possibilities our SMU’s fit your branding strategy. Call us for more information on KanJam SMU’s.

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