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The story of brookline, so far...

Sport is changing. New generations sport when they like and where they like. Not bound to specific times or locations, new generations like to get active and socialise at the same time with friends, family or simply like-minded strangers. 

At Brookline we see this changing way of living as an opportunity to introduce a new catagory in sports called Funsports, exciting games that can be played anywhere, everywhere and with anyone.

With Funsports, Brookline provides the sporting goods industry an answer to these changing needs. By bringing new exciting brands and games to the European market that perfectly fit this modern lifestyle. 

And it works! Founded in 2020, Brookline grew year over year. By adding new brands and markets to our portfolio, we are expanding Funsports throughout Europe. And we're just gettting started... So join us and be part of the movement!

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