Vacation fun for everyone with Funsports

Funsports are the ultimate way to get everyone moving and having a blast on vacation. They’re exciting to play and straightforward to learn, making it easier than ever before for friends and family to unwind together.

At Brookline, all our games:

  • Are portable - They easily pack down into a backpack or suitcase.
  • Can be played anywhere - On sand, on grass and even inside.
  • Are easy to set up - They’re ready to play in minutes.
  • Can be played anywhere, indoor or outdoor - you just need space!
  • Are scalable - they’re simple to adjust for large or small groups.
  • Bring people together - By getting everyone interacting, They help to strengthen existing friendships and build new ones.

Discover how funsports boost your business 

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For Everywhere and everyone

Funsports can be taken anywhere and set up in minutes. People can play on the beach, the campsite and even indoors - No need to let the weather spoil the vacation fun!

Everyone can play their way. The rules are simple to adjust, so players of all ages and athletic abilities can join in.

The action-packed games can fit any situation. Whether people want a chilled afternoon on the sand or to show off their skills in a lively tournament, Funsports are up to the task.

don't just take our word for it...

Spikeball was named ‘very best outdoor game for families’ by the New York Magazine, while KanJam was ranked ‘best overall beach game for 2023’ by Travellers Worldwide.

Hotels, resorts and campsites around the world have already made Funsports a key part of their recreational programs. Want to do the same? Contact Brookline today.

Our products

This 2v2 ball game is an international hit. The 360-degree action makes for a fast-paced and exhilarating match.

The only height-adjustable four-way volleyball net making it easy to transition from regulation men’s, women’s, and children’s height in a flash. Also available for soccer and pickleball.

This flying ring has been specially engineered to cover huge distances. If you know how to throw a classic Frisbee, you already know how to handle an Aerobie.

A thrilling frisbee throwing game where precision and teamwork are key.  It’s been one of the hottest summer games for the past few years, and it looks like this summer will be no different.

Football meets Tennis in this energetic game. The challenge? There are no hands allowed!

illuminate soccer ball

This ball glows bright and will keep the action going for hours once the sun goes down. The perfect bit of kit for the beach, the campsite or the great outdoors.