funsports for your animation team or rental service

Looking for action-packed activities that will keep your guests entertained during their stay? Meet Brookline Funsports!

From the fast-paced action of Spikeball to the inclusive fun of Crossnet, Funsports are the perfect way for your guests to unwind together on vacation. They’re simple to set up, easy to learn and a blast to play.

Funsports suit any size and style of accommodation business: resorts, hotels, campsites and even cruise ships. Whether you have an animation team on hand to organise events or your guests rent a set to decide when and how they play, our games are a perfect fit.\

Be sure to also check out opportunities to generate revenue by reselling to your guests.

At Brookline, all our games:

  • Are portable and easy to set up - They're ready to play in minutes
  • Can be played anywhere - On sand, on grass and even inside.
  • Are durable - they're built to last and come with a lifetime guarantee
  • Are compact and easy to store - not much room needed.
  • Are scalable - they’re simple to adjust for large or small groups.
  • Are social - They bring everyone together

easy to learn, high fun and low-maintenance

If you have an animation team, they can plan some laid-back taster sessions or even set up a tournament. The rules are simple to adapt, so people of all ages and abilities can join in.

If you own a campsite or self-catering accommodation, simply provide Funsports sets for your guests to rent and use whenever they want.

The games are so simple to set up that all you need to do is point people towards the equipment and leave them to have fun. It’s a low-cost, low-maintenance way to give your recreation offering a massive upgrade.

Ready-made packages for animation teams and accomodation owners

We created some ready-made packages which you can buy for your animation team or rental service.

  • 4x Spikebal Pro (16+ people)
  • 2x KanJam Pro (8 - 16 people)
  • 4x Kickit Football Tennis (16+ people)
  • Free instructional videos

Price & package value:

Excluding shipment
(click price to order)

  • 6x Spikeball Standard Sets
  • 6x Spikebuoy (play on water)
  • 4x KanJam Illuminate Sets (play at night)
  • 2x Crossnet H20 (play on water)
  • 4x Kickit Football Tennis Sets 
  • Free instructional videos

Package value € 1448,90.
Now with over 10% discount for:

Includes free shipment
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  • 8x Spikeball Pro Sets
  • 32x Spikeball Pro Replacement Balls
  • 4x KanJam Pro Sets)
  • 2x Crossnet Volleyball 
  • 4x Kickit Football Tennis Sets
  • Spikeball or YouFo clinic of licensed teachers

Package value € 1966,30,90.
Now with over15% discount for:

Includes free shipment
(click price to order)


Do the above ready-made packages not fit your needs? We can also create a custom-made package where you can choose a mix of our products. Please contact us, so we can create a package based on your needs.

BOOST YOUR REVENUE BY RESELLING these games to your guests!

Offer your guests the chance to buy their very own sets and make a good margin out of it. Brookline has a special wholesale pricelist for resellers and POS materials like striking displays for Spikeball and KanJam that are sure to catch everyone’s eyes. Set them up in your on-site shop, in the bar or at reception and watch the sales roll in. Find out more about becoming a reseller. 

Want to find out more or place an order? contact brookline today!

Our products

This 2v2 ball game is an international hit. The 360-degree action makes for a fast-paced and exhilarating match.

The only height-adjustable four-way volleyball net making it easy to transition from regulation men’s, women’s, and children’s height in a flash. Also available for soccer and pickleball.

Football meets Tennis in this energetic game. The challenge? There are no hands allowed!

A thrilling frisbee throwing game where precision and teamwork are key.  It’s been one of the hottest summer games for the past few years, and it looks like this summer will be no different.