generate extra revenue by reselling 
funsports to your guests! 

From the park to the beach, Funsports get everyone moving and having a fantastic time. Create extra revenue out of the action by partnering with Brookline as a reseller and sell our popular games to your guests! 

With fast-paced gameplay and kit that can be assembled in minutes, games like Spikeball and Crossnet are the perfect vacation activity. That makes reselling Funsports an excellent source of extra revenue for hotels, resorts and campsites.

At Brookline, all our games:

  • Are the ideal holliday buy - right product, right time, right location
  • Generate high sell-through  -best with a sales display)  
  • Can be played anywhere - On sand, on grass and even inside.
  • Have low order quantities - no big investments needed to try 
  • Are durable - they're built to last and come with a lifetime guarantee
  • Deliver a good margin - so interesting for reselling  
  • Are compact - so they don't take many shelve space 

The perfect vacation buy

Funsports are appealing, portable and simple to learn. They’re the ideal impulse buy for anyone on vacation.

The products are straight forward to display wherever you’d like. Set them up in your gift shop, the bar or even the reception and watch the sales roll in.


eye catching sales displays & more

You can count on Brookline to give you all the support you need to make a success out of selling Funsports. 

  • Use a Spikeball, KanJam or Kickit sales display: to boost sales and save your own shelve space (only 0,5 square meters needed)
  • Free use of all our marketing kits: with promotional photos and videos.
  • Promo team workshops: we even can organise free workshops for your guests to learn how to play!

Reach out for advice and take advantage of our extensive Funsports experience. With Brookline on your side, all you need is space for selling! Contact us for more details.



This 2v2 ball game is an international hit. The 360-degree action makes for a fast-paced and exhilarating match.

The only height-adjustable four-way volleyball net making it easy to transition from regulation men’s, women’s, and children’s height in a flash. Also available for soccer and pickleball.

A thrilling frisbee throwing game where precision and teamwork are key.  It’s been one of the hottest summer games for the past few years, and it looks like this summer will be no different.

This flying ring has been specially engineered to cover huge distances. If you know how to throw a classic Frisbee, you already know how to handle an Aerobie.

Football meets Tennis in this energetic game. The challenge? There are no hands allowed!

illuminate soccer ball

This ball glows bright and will keep the action going for hours once the sun goes down. The perfect bit of kit for the beach, the campsite or the great outdoors.