How Brookline gives Europe fun sport games

Rapid growth thanks to popular games

One and a half years ago, Brookline was born in a home office in a small village in the middle of the Netherlands. Even then, the company was a hive of ambition and enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the fact that Brookline has grown so much in such a short time has exceeded all of our expectations. We have supplied a large part of Europe with the coolest fun sports games at an incredible pace.

Why are Brookline games so popular?
At Brookline, we focus on the coolest sports games in the world. They’re games that we really enjoy playing, so our own experience tells us that we can get the whole of Europe excited about them. Our games are unique and fast-paced. They challenge us to play, preferably outside and as energetically as possible. All games are available as entry-level sets as well as real pro editions. This is what makes games like Spikeball and KanJam so popular across a range of target audiences. Our games make great birthday and Christmas presents and not without reason! These sports games can be played among friends and families and they offer unlimited fun. In addition, they are easy to set up and can be played in the back garden, the park and on the beach.

New Brookline games

We are always looking out for new games to expand our range and we keep on surprising our resellers and their customers. Recently, we added YOU.FO to our product range and we have seen this sports game quickly gain in popularity! Invented and developed in the Netherlands, this game involves using specially designed sticks to throw an aerodynamic ring. It demands concentration, strength, flexibility and teamwork. Although the basics are easy to learn, YOU.FO challenges players to hone their skills at every level and encourages them to come up with new ideas for game variants.

European cover

We currently operate with several sales agents in various European countries and our back-office has expanded significantly. This allows us to engage closely with resellers in all these countries so we can offer an even better service. They keep us informed about what is going on, help us get ahead of trends and share their ideas about sales materials. We are based in a spacious office and have our own section of shelving racks in a large distribution warehouse. We need it too! We regularly receive containers packed with Spikeball, KanJam and YOU.FO products for export to a large part of Europe.

Extensive reseller network

We work with the coolest fun sports games in the world and distribute them to resellers who share Brookline’s goal of bringing our products to everyone in Europe. Our reseller network is extensive and just keeps on growing. And we’re proud of that! Together, we can get everyone in Europe to have more fun with exercise and games.

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