Five tips to boost sales of Funsports
Let Brookline Sales and Marketing work for you

We value the partnerships we have built with our resellers. As such, our services do not end with the delivery of Funsports products. We can help you fill your shelves and support you in making sure our products fly off them again! How? We have got five tips for you.

Tip 1: Use our free eye-catching display fitted with a monitor
Did you know that we have developed special sales displays for KanJam and Spikeball? These displays are entirely in keeping with the style of our Funsports brands and we have made sure they stand out! They are brightly coloured with action photos and feature a built-in 10-inch monitor showing videos that draw consumers in.

Experience has taught us that they really do work. Seeing people play makes others want to join in! The videos demonstrate how our Fun Sports are played and, of course, how much enjoyment they create! We couldn’t recommend these displays highly enough!

Tip 2: Use our Marketing Kit
We have developed a Marketing Kit for all of our Funsports brands. It contains full details of the products. In it you’ll find not only product specifications but also logos and guidelines on how to use them. What makes the Marketing Kit especially worthwhile are the professional photos and videos that we have included in it. As a reseller, you can make good use of them; they’re perfect for your own promotional campaign!

Tip 3: Let us create customised advertising for you
As we’ve already mentioned, our marketing team has grown. This creates even greater opportunities for setting up custom-made advertising to help you sell Brookline Funsports products. We have already done this for companies such as DAKA, GO Sport France and Sport24 of Denmark. What possibilities are available? Lots! From posters for your shop(s) to online campaigns, product demonstrations, photography and films.

Tip 4: Share our free content on your social media
Social media offers a wealth of opportunities for your company, such as driving your brand awareness. And, of course, it is an additional sales channel too. This applies to retailers large and small. It’s all about reaching the relevant target audience, which is not always possible to tell from the number of followers. In other words, even with a relatively small number of followers, you can achieve success through your social media channels!

Let Funsports fans share their experiences, share videos of people playing Funsports, share interesting promotions, explain why Funsports are so popular, show where Funsports such as Spikeball, KanJam, YOU.FO and Crossnet can be played, focus on key dates (the forthcoming summer holidays, Father’s Day, etc.), and capitalise on current issues. It could be as simple as responding to the weather forecast. When the weather is nice, people want to get outside and have fun, and you can make that work for you. You can see why the image material in our Marketing Kit will come in very handy.

Tip 5: Be consistent
Brookline is the Home of Funsports. Our love of Funsports is reflected in everything we do. You may have noticed that we are promoting the ‘disconnect to reconnect’ principle. We will only be able to reap the rewards if our communications are consistent. As a reseller, this applies to you too. So make sure your message is consistent. What do you stand for as a retailer, what does the supply chain to which you belong stand for and how do Brookline Funsports fit in? At Brookline, for instance, we make sure that everything we share radiates fun and the fact that we focus on bringing people together. If this still sounds a little like sorcery, then we will be happy to explain how you can easily achieve it.

If you have a specific question or if you would like to share ideas on how you can boost sales of Fun Sports, then we are here to help!

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