The sports industry is undergoing massive change. From the lasting impact of the pandemic to the rise of esports, traditional sports are facing huge challenges. Here’s why investing in Funsports could help your business thrive in this new landscape.

The Pandemic
The Covid 19 pandemic forced teams, gyms, and clubs to suspend their operations in 2020 and 2021, forcing people to look elsewhere for ways to stay fit. Traditional sports, such as soccer, basketball, and swimming, were hit particularly hard by this as many of them require large teams and/or rely on local facilities. A survey by NPD reports that soccer participation in Europe fell by 10% during 2021, while participation in individual activities rose dramatically, with running increasing by 16% and yoga by 19%. While traditional sports have now resumed in many places, the pandemic has had a lasting impact on how people view sport and fitness. Consumers have become accustomed to sports that are casual, easy to set up and don’t rely on large teams. People are looking for convenience and adaptability, something that Funsports can provide. Even better, Funsports can add the social element that is often lacking in sports like running, giving people the benefit of team play without the organisational overheads of a club or league.

Another major challenge to the traditional model of sport is the growing popularity of esports: competitive, computer-based tournaments. The research firm Insider Intelligence predicts that esports will have 29.6 million monthly viewers in the US alone, with global esports revenue projected to hit over a billion dollars this year.
For physical sports to compete with esports, there needs to be a move towards sports that are as dynamic, entertaining and accessible. Funsports are a strong contender because the barrier of entry is far lower than with traditional sports:

• The rules are easy to learn.
• the setup is simple.
• they can be played almost anywhere.
• above all, they’re very fun to practice.

More Choice
There are simply far more things competing for people’s attention now than there have been in the past. With numerus other leisure options available, people are less patient with the restrictive schedules and lack of personalisation offered by traditional sports.
Funsports can be played almost anywhere, require fewer people than other team sports and are easy to set up at very short notice. They’re also simple to customise and adapt to suit whoever’s playing.

Social Media
It’s also vital to consider the role social media plays in people’s choices. Many people want a sport that enables them to create exciting content for their various social media channels.
Given that Funsports provide that short burst of intense excitement that looks great on camera, they’re really the ideal option for the social media age.

How to Meet These Challenges
Stocking funspports means you can cater to the new appetite for accessible and entertaining sports. People are on the lookout for new options which will fit seamlessly into their routine and by introducing them to brands like Spikeball, Crossnet, YOU.FO and KanJam, your business can satisfy that need.

The world is changing - don’t get left behind! Contact Brookline today to find out how we can help you get the most out of stocking Funsports.

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