A Spikeball set for everyone

The right set for your customers

For children and adults, for recreational players and elite athletes. There’s a Spikeball set for everyone! That’s what makes this sports game so tremendously popular and accessible to all. To find out which set suits your customers the best, continue reading below!

In short: a checklist

  • Families who want to play with their children: Rookie set
  • Beginners or people who feel they need to work on their ball
         sense: Rookie set
  • Sports enthusiasts who would like to play with friends: Standard set
  • Lovers of life who enjoy days out at the park or the beach: Standard set
  • Holidaymakers at the campsite: Standard set
  • Fanatical athletes: Pro set
  • Professional athletes looking for a different way of training: Pro set
  • Water sports enthusiasts: Attach Spikebuoy to the Standard set
  • Water polo players: Attach Spikebuoy to the Pro set
  • Rookie set – get to know Spikeball

    What makes the Rookie set unique is that the net is 50% larger than the one that comes with the normal set and you play with a larger ball. This makes this edition perfectly suited for children! The Rookie set is also a great start for families who want to play the game together. When you decide you want to get really good at Spikeball, it will help if you work on your ball sense. The Rookie set is the entry-level version and the best way to get to know Spikeball and do just that.

    Standard set – great fun to play with friends and family

    The Standard set is always an excellent choice. For when your customers are looking for a fun sports game to play on the beach, at the campsite or with friends in the garden during a barbecue. The net and the balls that come with this set are the standard sizes, which makes them smaller than the Rookie set. As such, this set is designed for people who already have some ball sense. It needs to be said though that the Standard set is exactly what your customers need to hone their skills. It’s all about hitting the ball into the net, hitting the ball back, reaction time and footwork.

    Pro set – for fanatical athletes

    If you have fanatical athletes in your physical store or webshop, then the Pro set is just the version they need! For example, Spikeball is a superb game for goalkeepers who are looking for another way of training their reactions, footwork and diving ability. So if you have people in your physical store or webshop who are experienced or even professional ballgame athletes, then introduce them to the Pro set.

    Spikebuoy – sports and games in the water

    The Spikebuoy set lets your customers add an extra dimension to the game of Spikeball! The Standard and Pro sets can be expanded to include Spikebuoy allowing the world’s most enjoyable sports game to be played in the water as well. Play it in a recreational lake, in the pool or even in the sea! Admit it, Spikeball is extra dynamic in the water! It’s an absolute must for the summer months. And what about water sports athletes like water polo players! Spikebuoy can provide them with a unique training method that will help them boost their sports skills. If you’re selling a Standard or Pro set, always remember to tell your customer about what Spikebuoy can add.

    How can you introduce your customers to the right Spikeball set?
    Let them try it out in your shop! You can also post videos to your webshop or on social media channels so your customers know which Spikeball set they simply must have. There is a Spikeball set for everyone, so it’s your job as a reseller to introduce your customers to the right one.

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