Work those Spikeball skills!

From Rookie to Pro in no time at all!

Unfortunately it’s simply not possible to set up a game of four-person Spikeball at the moment. Right now, getting together with friends and family isn’t possible in many parts of Europe. However, that doesn’t mean that your Spikeball set has to sit around gathering dust. This is the perfect moment to brush up your skills!

Give yourself a Spikeball upgrade

How can you get from rookie player to ultimate pro in the shortest time? Practice, practice and even more practice. Preferably with another player who is slightly better that you, so that you can raise your game to their level. You’ll soon see an improvement in your skills! Are there restrictions in your country due to COVID-19? In such cases it’s not always possible to play together. Thankfully YouTube offers hours of Spikeball videos, so you can learn from the very best.

Work on your technique

Once you’ve mastered the basic skills, you can work on your tactics so that you can make a difference once we can all get together again for a game. But first those basic skills…

To start with, make sure you’re familiar with the rules. Then get started with hitting the ball into the net. See what works best for you; try standing close to the net or further away if need be, and hit the ball into the net a couple of times a day (or week). You’ll soon see that you score hits more often. Then you can start focusing on playing the ball back. That requires focus and good reflexes! You can practice this by hitting the ball against the wall and playing it back to yourself, or by playing with someone else. There’s sure to be someone in your household or your ‘bubble’ who’d like to compete with you to become a Spikeball pro in no time, or who’d like to help you do so in any case. Start at a leisurely pace and first master the skill of playing the ball back. Then you can increase the challenge by playing more difficult and unexpected shots.

Tips: if you’re not yet in full control of the game, throw the ball into the net to practice playing it back. Throwing the ball gives you more control over where the ball goes, enabling you both to train your reflexes and playback techniques. And don’t forget to watch Spikeball videos on YouTube! These will have some good techniques and tips to for you to try out.

Reminder: If you want to work on your skills, remember to always do so in accordance with the guidelines that apply in your country or region. Stay safe!

Good luck! Work those skillzzz!

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