Founded in 2019, the International Roundnet Federation (IRF) aims to take roundnet to the 2032 Olympic Games. They are pushing hard to achieve this! In fact, in two just years, the IRF has already welcomed over 35 official national associations. All kinds of events are being organised in Europe. From small-scale local competitions to the World Championships in Belgium; all present opportunities for you as a reseller. Thanks to tournaments, roundnet sports are becoming increasingly well known. Seeing people play makes others want to join in! Nothing works better at promoting Funsports for you than enthusiastic fans.

When you say Roundnet, you say Spikeball
Spikeball is the best-known brand when it comes to the sport of roundnet, so it is not unusual for people to wonder what the difference is between the two. Because when you say roundnet, you say Spikeball. Grab the chances that are out there! Sponsor a tournament in your region, promote forthcoming tournaments on social media and let people know that you’re the one to go to for all their Spikeball gear! For example, Spikeball sets for home, Spikeball clothing and must-haves for the true Spikeball fans.

Download the Spikeball app
Would you like to find out which tournaments might be relevant to you? People are using the Spikeball app to organise lots of tournaments and meet-ups. For instance, matches are played at Museumplein in Amsterdam (NL) almost every Tuesday.

A list of interesting tournaments
We have listed a number of larger tournaments for you below, so make the most of it! 

30 July | Eura Tour Series, Grand Slam | Freiburg (Germany)
The last of a series of grand slams organised by the European Roundnet Association.

5 – 7 August | EURA Tour Series, European Championships | Limerick (Ireland)
This spectacular tournament will bring the 2022 EURA Tour Series to a close.

20 August | European Individual Masters Prague | Prague (Czech Republic)
A tournament for 96 teams organised by Czech Roundnet.

27 August | Spikeball Tournament Series | Ghent (Belgium)
Just before the World Championships are held in Belgium, the Spikeball Tournament Series tour stops off in Belgium.

 8 – 11 September | World Championships | Houthalen-Helchteren (Belgium)
Sponsored by Spikeball, these are the very first Roundnet World Championships.

Contact us for more information
If you are wondering how to get the most out of these events from a promotional point of view, get in touch with Tom or Jill and swap ideas.

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