New Back Office, Sales and Marketing staff.

We’re on fire! There’s a reason for this significant expansion of our team! We are ambitious and we have big plans. In order to achieve our goals and provide you with an even better service, we needed more clout. So here they are! We are delighted to introduce you to Ivo, Tom and Jill. Discover what we can do for you.

Brookline is growing. That’s because ever more resellers are joining Brookline thanks to our ambitious plans and the excellent working relationship we have with you. We have positioned ourselves as the Home of Funsports and we work exclusively with leading fun sports brands. Along with our resellers, we are committed to raising the profile of fun sports and bringing more and more people together. We believe we must be more to you than simply a distributor. For example, did you know that we offer marketing support to help you boost sales?

Doing what we’re good at
At Brookline, we are tremendously enthusiastic about the Funsports we work with. Together, Erwin and Sylvia made sure that Brookline got off to a flying start. The team was rock solid from the outset. Not only do we all do what we are good at, we also complement and reinforce one another. This allows us to provide our resellers with great support too. Our three new colleagues will open even more doors and, as a reseller, we are certain you will benefit from their efforts.

Who’s new

  • Ivo is our new International Account Manager. His arrival gives the Brookline sales team more clout. “What’s our added value? We invest in lasting relationships and believe it is important that our resellers can count on advice on sales and other product-related issues at all times.”
  • Tom is our Marketing Director. His background in sports and marketing makes him a fantastic asset to our team. The marketing machine is up and running! We provide support with content, campaigns and custom advice.
  • Jill uses her skills in the back office as well as the marketing department. This is an ideal setup for resellers because this combination of jobs means Jill can provide an excellent service.

Further professionalisation
Brookline is entirely set up for growth. Among other things, that means we continuously monitor our operations so we can further professionalise and improve our business processes to make them simpler and more efficient. We offer an increasingly complete range of services that our resellers can use to their advantage.

If you need sales or marketing support or if you have a question for our back office, please get in touch with us as we’d be happy to help!

T: +31 (0)55 3030 980.

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