Let’s talk about football

Do you already sell Spikeball to football clubs?

Football and Spikeball: the best combination you can think of! What this means to you as a reseller is that you have ample opportunities to conquer the football market. That’s because Spikeball is a unique way for goalies to train and improve their skills. We’ve listed five aspects that as a reseller you can exploit.

A good goalkeeper radiates composure and self-confidence, always keeps his or her eye on the ball, exhibits flawless footwork, has lightning reactions and can dive like no other. You don’t just become a great goalie; it takes a lot of practice and experience. Bring Spikeball to the attention of clubs and help their goalkeepers hone their skills.

Selling point 1: More self-confidence and composure

When a goalkeeper exudes self-confidence and composure, it’s reflected in the way the rest of the team play. The goalie’s calm demeanour allows the whole team to maintain a clear vision of what’s happening on the pitch, set up great moves and quickly anticipate what the opponents will do next. What can Spikeball do to help? ‘Panic football’ never results in victory, and that also applies to Spikeball, where the right attitude is of crucial importance. It’s like how controlling your breathing helps create calmness in the game so you can anticipate things better. You will only get good at Spikeball if you keep calm and maintain your peripheral awareness. As Spikeball is such tremendous fun and very addictive, you will want to get good at it and beat your opponents. This forces keepers to pay extra attention to how they radiate self-confidence and composure. It helps them not let things get to them, not even when they’re back between the posts.

Selling point 2: Always keep your eyes on the ball

Feints, tricks and harassment are all tactics used to distract the opponent so you can score. It is particularly important for goalkeepers to keep their eye on the ball and not be fooled. With Spikeball, the pace of the game can get quite frenetic! It is a totally different way of training than traditional goalkeeper practice and a game that you will lose right away if you fail to keep your eye on the ball. This makes Spikeball the perfect game for pushing keepers to maintain focus on the ball. They are sure to reap the benefits during football matches.

Selling point 3: Even better footwork

Great footwork is an invaluable skill used by goalies to keep the ball out of the net. It ensures they can react quickly to put them in a position from which they can reach the ball and make the save. Footwork drills therefore form a key element of all goalkeeper training sessions. Spikeball offers a unique way of honing footwork skills to the maximum. It’s a lightning-fast game. When you’re a goalkeeper, if your footwork is just a fraction of a second too slow, you will miss the ball. By playing Spikeball regularly, keepers can get their feet moving!

Selling point 4: Even faster reflexes

It pays for goalkeepers to continue training their reflexes. Spikeball does this in the best and most enjoyable way possible because it is such a fast-paced game! If the goalkeepers have lightning reflexes, then there’s a big chance they will have an edge over their opponents! Believe us when we tell you that playing Spikeball regularly will improve the goalkeeper’s reaction speeds in no time.

Selling point 5: Learn to dive like no other

Besides nifty footwork and rapid reflexes, goalkeepers also need to be able to dive like no other! This is already a regular feature of goalkeeper practice, of course. That’s why it’s a good idea for goalkeepers to find completely different ways to practise their diving from time to time, for instance with a game of Spikeball. The game gets more and more challenging, and players find it increasingly difficult to keep the ball off the ground. A great dive makes all the difference as players manage to reach the ball in the nick of time, just like when keepers are between the goalposts.

In other words: Spikeball is a must-have for football clubs, especially during goalkeeper practice. The game gives goalies a fresh boost that will allow them to upgrade their skills in a completely different way. Spikeball can be played by junior players and adult teams alike. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and conquer those clubs! 

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