Now in limited stock available at Brookline for the European retail market!

Illuminate balls
These Illuminate Balls are an absolute must have! The Illuminate LED balls glow bright while playing and shut off automatically when not in use.
Now your customers can enjoy their favorite ball game any hour of the day! Available in soccer, volleyball and basketball.

RRP € 29,95           MOQ 24 pcs

The Spikeball add-on can be attached to any Standard or Pro Set to play in the dark. This makes Spikebrite an ideal product to create your own bundle offers (like Spikeball Standard Set + Spikebrite) and increase your Spikeball sales during Holiday Season.

• With 2 rechargeable LED balls and rechargeable LED rim extensions.
• Compatible with Pro and Standard Spikeball sets only.
• Batteries last over 2 hours and are rechargeable via USB.

 RRP €44,95         MOQ 6 pcs

Pre-order before Aug. 7 so that you have enough stock during the 
winter season and the holidays.
We understand that the holidays are a busy times for you and your customers. So order before August 7 to ensure you have enough stock. 
This gives you time to set up a social media campaign (for example) and increase your sales during this period. 

You can easily submit your order via or call +31 55 3030 980.


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