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Sports game essentials for the cold, dark winter months

As soon as it gets cold and dark outdoors, people usually go and play indoors or turn to board games. That’s such a pity because various studies have shown that exercising outdoors at low temperatures is highly beneficial and improves your mood. So how do you convince everyone to go and play outside while they could do so indoors where it’s nice and comfortable? By making them a great offer! Introduce them to Brookline’s fun sports games so they’ll be only too eager to get out of the house and play.

KanJam Illuminate Game Set

An Illuminate version of the regular KanJam Game Set is now available. It features a luminous disc and luminous cans so you can play KanJam all year round, even when it gets dark early. The game may be the same but playing it offers a wholly new experience. The luminous features add something truly extra to the game. It’s an absolute must for the winter months. For instance, the Illuminate disc lights up in six colours for the ultimate disco effect! What’s more, the Illuminate variant is even more challenging because you have to rely completely on the lights.

KanJam Illuminate balls

In addition to the game sets, the KanJam product range includes high-quality sports balls. Thanks to the luminous properties of the balls, playing football, volleyball and basketball in the dark not only becomes a whole lot simpler, it’s also even more fun. You no longer need huge floodlights so you can carry on playing at the end of the day. Game on!!

Sales tips

Why would your customers opt for Brookline Illuminate games? That’s easy! The dynamics of KanJam are already insanely compelling, so imagine what adding something such as luminous features does for them. Make sure customers are unable to ignore this fact. Show video content online and in-store, and arrange after-dark demos on late-night shopping days. Let them experience the Illuminate games for themselves. Inspire them and capture their imagination because these games are not just fun to play, they also make great gifts.

It is now the time to include illuminate games in your product range

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