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how can retailers continue to attract attention? 

The world of retail is constantly changing. Retail giants are forced to leave the playing field, disruptive retail concepts are conquering the market at lightning speed and international e-commerce giants are coming ever one step closer. Online shopping and technology have changed the landscape dramatically. Consumers face endless options and choices every day. Old 'laws' no longer apply and what is the norm today will be surpassed tomorrow. Consumer behaviour is becoming increasingly demanding. Things have to be faster, easier, prettier, more fun and more sustainable. Despite these constantly updated customer demands, how can retailers continue to attract attention? 

The key lies in INSPIRATION! 💡

As a retailer, if you are inspired yourself, it provides energy and makes you want to take action. If you then also manage to inspire, it ensures that you get attention and are followed. The positive energy that inspiration brings is perhaps more needed than ever in today's society. Millennials in particular like to be inspired. They like retailers who know how to touch them emotionally. Inspiration is also a good business predictor. In fact, retailers with a high inspiration score have more loyal customers, a higher NPS score and often manage to achieve positive sales figures against the flow of the market.

1️⃣Add funsports to your product range: Even if it's a small percentage of your sales, the impact can be significant. By incorporating Funsports into your product range, you're not just selling items; you're offering experiences that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and by everyone. These games align seamlessly with the evolving needs of society—encouraging active living and fostering social connections🤝

''Be distinctive, be inspiring! Elevate your offerings and stand out in a crowded market by embracing the joy and versatility that Funsports bring.''

2️⃣ Product explanation: Ensure your staff is well-versed in the latest products. Let them play and understand the games, enabling them to provide valuable insights to customers.

3️⃣Interactive in-store experiences: Create spaces where customers can dive into the world of funsports, trying out equipment and experiencing the thrill firsthand.

4️⃣Innovative displays: Take advantage of the displays available at brookline that capture attention and showcase the thrill and excitement of funsports.

5️⃣Social media engagement: Utilize platforms to share exciting content related to funsports. Build a community that resonates with the thrill and joy of these activities.

Let's embrace change & stay inspired.

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