September 9, 2020

Train your reflexes

Spikeball is the way to go

Great reflexes are essential in virtually all ball games. The faster you can react, the more advantage you gain over your opponent. The same unquestionably applies when playing Spikeball. It will therefore come as no surprise to learn that Spikeball is a highly effective way of training the reflexes of anyone who’s into ball games.

A different kind of training

There are countless ways of training teams, whether they play football, handball, basketball, netball, volleyball or any other sport. But let’s be honest here; training in a totally different way gives new insights and exposes any weaknesses. Imagine the results your team can achieve if football goalkeepers have been practicing ‘spiking’ balls from a relatively short distance, or if players have been concentrating on their position play and footwork. By using training methods that are different from the ones you’re used to, you can develop the other skills that can only help you grow in your sport.

Improve your reaction speed

You will understand that goalkeepers have to be able to react very quickly to keep the ball out of the net. At the other end of the pitch, the reaction speeds can determine the success or failure of an attack. Footwork skills help too of course, as does experience. Because even though you might have excellent reflexes, without developing your other skills, you won’t make it. This applies to all ball games. Simply put, training is an incredibly important way of building all the skills you need when playing sport. Using Spikeball during training sessions, helps you specifically to work on improving your reflexes, making it an invaluable addition to your existing training program.

Although Spikeball was inspired by beach volleyball, you don’t have to be a volleyball fan to be a Spikeball star. That’s great thing about it. Spikeball is a fantastic way for players of any ball game to hone their skills.

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