The Top 3 most fun beach games

1. CROSSNET Volleyball or Soccer
One net, four courts and no limit to the number of players: CROSSNET is the world’s first foursquare volleyball and soccer game. The volleyball edition is played with a height-adjustable net. The soccer edition has a lower net and resembles footvolley. It can be assembled on sand or grass in a matter of minutes. Gather together at least three of your friends and number the courts one to four. The game requires four or more players, i.e. one player per court. The rules are straightforward. The aim is to score points against your opponents by hitting the ball so it lands in their court. Each person is allowed one hit, with a maximum of three hits per team, to play the ball over the net into one of the other courts. The winner is the first to eleven with a two-point lead.

The CROSSNET Volleyball set consists of a volleyball net, compact carrying rucksack, four tubular steel uprights, twelve ground anchors, two quadrant marker lines and one exterior boundary line. The CROSSNET Soccer set consists of a net, handy travelling bag, four tubular steel uprights, four steel end pieces with feet, a centre connector and struts.

2. Spikeball and Roundnet
Roundnet is also known as Spikeball. Spikeball is the original brand that came up with roundnet. It is one of the fastest-growing sports in Europe and is played just about everywhere. This summer there are numerous competitions and tournaments, culminating in the first official Spikeball Roundnet World Championships that are to be held in Belgium from 8th to 11th September and which will be keenly contested by more than 250 teams of participants at different levels. Spikeball is an energetic outdoor game that was inspired by beach volleyball. This compact game consists of a round ground net and a ball.  You play two against two, with each pair standing on opposite sides of the ground net at the start of each game. When the ball is served, the receiving team must return it via the net in three hits or less. The unique thing about Spikeball is that as soon as the ball is in play, you can hit it in any direction. Fitness, reaction speed and footwork: if you didn’t have them before, you will after playing Spikeball!

Spikeball is not only the most well-known roundnet brand, it’s also the best one. It comes with a lifetime warranty and the official Spikeball app that lets you challenge other players or participate in tournaments and events.

The Spikeball Standard Kit consists of a net, three balls and a backpack. All materials are 100% recyclable. Spikeball is available from selected sports stores such as Intersport, Sport2000 (Germany, Austria and the Netherlands), Hervis (Austria), DAKA Sport (the Netherlands) and GO Sport (France).

3. KanJam

A frisbee game with a goal – or rather two, to be precise. That is the power of KanJam the rules of this challenging game are simple. Two teammates stand 15 metres apart, each behind a bin, known as the ‘kan’ with a slit for the frisbee. One player throws the yellow disc towards the teammate who then attempts to ‘jam’ it into the kan by deflecting it with their hand. If done successfully, three points are scored. If the disc only hits the outside of the kan, the team is awarded one point. The ultimate score is of course if a player throws the disc directly into the kan without any assistance from the teammate or if it passes through the slit.

The KanJam Original Kit consists of a neon yellow disc and two black kans. All materials are 100% recyclable.

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