SpikeBrite is the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. The Spikeball add-on can be attached to any Standard or Pro Set to play in the dark.
This makes SpikeBrite an ideal product to create your own bundle offers (like Spikeball Standard Set + SpikeBrite) and increase your Spikeball sales during Holiday Season. Now in limited stock available at Brookline for the European retail market!

With the Spikeball SpikeBrite accessory, the play doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Add SpikeBrite to keep the game going all night long.

• With 2 rechargeable LED balls and rechargeable LED rim extensions.
• Compatible with Pro and Standard Spikeball sets only.
• Batteries last over 2 hours and are rechargeable via USB.

Art. code A-SPIKEBRITE-001
UPC/EAN 0850014763039
Dimensions 53x8,9x19 cm
Weight 1796 g
MOQ 6 pcs
RRP €44,95 (wholesale price € 22,50)

Check out the video below and see how to assemble the Spikebrite.

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