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Roundnet from Spikeball

Funsports are exciting new sport games which are creating a whole new category in sports retail. Unlike most traditional sports, Funsports enable people to socialize and be active when and where they want, because you don’t need a field or track. Funsports can be played by anyone, anytime and anywhere. They fit perfectly with the changing way we play sports and are undergoing a huge growth in popularity in Europe.

Ideal “side-game” for training and events of sports like football!

Our Funsports are ideal for training football skills in a fun and interactive way. The fun sports are easy to set up and ready to use. Whether training in the garden, on the beach or in the park, Spikeball, Kickit and CROSSNET offer an interactive and exciting experience for players of all levels. Besides, the games can be played for any level!

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Game-changer Crossnet re-invents volleyball and footvolley. The Miami-based Crossnet brand was created by three American childhood friends and is, literally, game-changing as it’s the World’s first four square volleyball and soccer game. Crossnet is sold in over 3,000 locations throughout the United States and is used in over 8,000 schools.

Crossnet for football is a great variant of footvolley for 4 players (and more). The game offers a high-quality experience and is easy to set up and store.

With Crossnet for football, you can enjoy a challenging game where you can sharpen your football technique. The objective is to play the ball over the net to the other team, similar to volleyball, but with a twist of football skills. This game is ideal for improving your precision, control and coordination.

Setting up Crossnet for football is a piece of cake. The game comes with a sturdy net that can be easily stretched and secured with poles. Moreover, the net is compact and portable, allowing you to take it anywhere and set it up wherever you want.

Kickit football

Kickit is an innovative fun sport that combines football with tennis and badminton. The game is easy and quick to set up, allowing you to start playing within 30 seconds. Kickit can be played from 1 v 1 to 3 v 3, making it suitable for both small and large groups of players.

The great thing about Kickit is that it appeals to beginners and professionals alike. The game is accessible to people of all levels and offers a great way to improve your football skills. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced player, Kickit provides fun and challenge. The game is also endorsed by some great players like: Sott McTominay (Man utd), Stanway Georgia (Bayern Munich) and Junior Stanislas (AFC Bournemouth).

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Spikeball for football

Spikeball started as a game but has evolved into a sport. The brand is growing faster than padel and has more than 5 million players worldwide. The game has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. It has spread rapidly around the world and gathered a large community of enthusiastic players. With hundreds of tournaments and competitions, Spikeball offers players the opportunity to showcase their skills and take part in exciting matches. The game has a lively competitive scene and provides plenty of excitement and challenge.

Spikeball is a game that focuses on fun training. It is an excellent side game for training goalkeepers, focusing on improving hand-eye coordination. This game offers both offensive and defensive tactics and moves. With constant focus and 360-degree gameplay, Spikeball is a competitive game where one team tries to beat the other.

Besides improving technical skills, Spikeball also provides a lot of fun while playing. It is a great way to keep players motivated while developing their skills. So, if you are looking for a fun and challenging way to train, try Spikeball. It is a game that provides fun, competition and improves goalkeeping skills while promoting teamwork and eye-hand coordination.

What Football trainers saying about our funsports

PE teachers tell us Spikeball is great because all 4 players are involved in every point, the game is easy to set-up, it teaches both basic and advanced striking, passing, and defensive skills.

- Skyler Boles
Director of Play - Spikeball

CROSSNET has been the hottest game of the year. It's all my students can talk about. They stopped wanting to do anything else and it allows for everybody to get involved in nonstop action.

- Chris Danforth
Physical Education Teacher, Woodstock Middle School

Free tools to add funsports to your training

You can use our specially crafted curriculums and resources to educate and help them get familiar with the games.

The lessons can be adapted to suit everyone, from beginners to pros. We also offer translation into any language.

Want to bring more fun to your football trainings? Check out the English version of the curriculum for each brand below. If you’d like a translated version in your own language, please contact us.