Spikeball and Roundnet  
What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between Spikeball and Roundnet? This is a question that confuses many Funsports fans and the answer is a little more complicated than you might think. The sport itself is called Roundnet, while Spikeball is a brand that produces Roundnet equipment. Then why the confusion?

Well, Roundnet was originally known as Spikeball when the game was invented in the 1980s. When it was revived in 2008, the new owners kept the Spikeball name and also used it as their brand.

As the game got more popular and other brands began producing equipment for it, the company realised that the sport itself needed a unique name to prevent them from losing the Spikeball trademark. So, they named the sport Roundnet.

Many people and publications still use Spikeball to refer to the sport itself. People often talk about playing a game of Spikeball rather than Roundnet, whether or not they’re using Spikeball branded equipment.

Understanding the difference will make it much easier to educate your customers about Roundnet as a sport and the benefits of using Spikeball gear to play it.

Why Choose Spikeball?

You might be wondering why you should stock Spikeball when there are other manufacturers of Roundnet gear out there. Well, we believe that there are several very good reasons why choosing Spikeball, rather than cheaper copycat products,  is the right decision for your business.


Spikeball sets are made from premium materials and designed to last. Being the originator of Roundnet means the company has had years to improve their kit to provide the best experience. For instance, the adjustable legs on the net make a Spikeball set far easier to use on uneven terrain, while also making it more durable and portable.

Spikeball are so committed to quality that they offer a lifetime guarantee and will replace any damaged equipment for free. This is something that your customers will find incredibly reassuring when considering a purchase.

The Spikeball Community

Spikeball works hard to bring Roundnet to as many people as possible. They team up with elementary P.E teachers, introducing the game to 20.000+ students each year. They maintain the Spikeball”TM App to help players find games and events. They also partner with the International Roundnet Federation to organize tournaments for the sport at national and international levels.

  • These efforts will directly drive your sales and give you valuable promotion opportunities. You will also be able to provide greater customer care simply by directing your customers to the resources Spikeball provide.

 Brand Recognition

Thanks to the brand’s appearances on the hit US TV’s show Shark Tank and the support of notable social media influencers like Casey Neistat, public recognition of the Spikeball name is growing year on year.

The Spikeball name could be a big draw for new buyers, while other manufacturers lack that instant sense of familiarity.

Want to Stock Spikeball?

  • If you are considering stocking Spikeball products, Brookline is the brand’s official European distributor, and we would love to help you.
  • Reach out to us to find out how to get Spikeball into your store and to discover how our expertise with marketing Funsports can boost your sales. Eager to see what it’s all about? Sellers can even apply to receive a free Spikeball set.

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