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Funsports are exciting sport games which are creating a whole new category in sports retail. Unlike most traditional sports, Funsports enable people to socialize and be active when and where they want, because they don’t need a field or track. 

Funsports can be played by anyone, anytime and anywhere. They fit perfectly with the changing way we play sports and are undergoing a huge growth in popularity in Europe.

Our funsports

At Brookline we distribute only the leading Funsports brands. This means only original well established and proven brands that deliver high quality:

This 2v2 ball game is an international hit. The 360 degree action gets kids using their whole body and improves their hand-eye coordination.

An exciting mashup of volleyball and foursquare. The fast gameplay keeps kids moving and gives everyone an equal opportunity to work on their technique.

A thrilling frisbee throwing game. It prioritises skill over strength, teaching students precision and teamwork.

Football meets Tennis in this energetic game. It challenges kids to use everything except their hands, encouraging creativity and dexterity

An exhilarating throw and catch game. The focus on push and pull action makes it a great upper body workout for students.

“Let’s grow together and let the world become familiar with Funsports.”

Why work with Brookline?

  • Fast growing sport category: European Funsports sales at Brookline increased 700% in 2021.
  • High-quality and original brands: the best products of original brands, no copycats
  • Lots of stock: Delivery in Europe within a week
  • Free sales displays and POS Materialsat certain order quantities
  • Service: Our business relies on serving you the best way we can.


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