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Ready to build your own sports marketing business?

Are you

  • A student or recently graduated?
  • Into sports and marketing?
  • Interested in becoming an entrepreneur?
  • And do you think Spikeball or CROSSNET will sell in wherever you come from?

Then we have the perfect opportunity for you! We help you to start with your own business, you help us us grow the games like Spikeball, CROSSNET, KanJam and Kickit in Europe! By reselling these new exciting funsports to... well anyone. 🙂

Apply now at Brookline to start building your own sports marketing business.

Who we are and what we looking for

We are Brookline, the home of funsports and Europe’s leading distributor in this fast growing new sports category. We sell popular sports and games like Spikeball, CROSSNET, KanJam and Kickit to all kinds of businesses in Europe. And we are growing fast.
We are looking for young entrepreneurial people who want to be part of our growth. While building their own business in sports marketing and create a nice freelance income. Simply by playing and selling these great new sports in Europe’s most popular locations.

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What will you be doing?

You will reach out to businesses that can either use or resell our products in a specific area. Think of business such as: (sport)retail shops, business in tourism (resorts/campsites/hotels), schools & school suppliers and sport clubs and teams.

The goal is to sell our funsports to these businesses. We have specific offerings for each different type of potential customer. Good to know, you are completely free in how, where and when you want to work. Only the result matters.

How do we help you?

We will provide you with all the tools you need for a succesfull start. So you will get:

  • A free @brookline.eu e-mail address
  • Free samples of all our games
  • Sales materials like catalogs, sales decks and leaflets
  • Promotional materials such as t-shirts
  • Personalised marketing support from our dedicated marketing team
  • Access to our CRM
  • Free sales training by our CEO

What can you earn?

Simple, we give you a commission on every sale you make. So you can literally decide for yourself how much you want to earn. It totally depends on how much time and effort you put into this. This can go up to ten thousands or euros (not uncommon). We tell you the exact commission, what items you sell and how it works if you sign up.

The best performing Brookline Ambassadors even can get rewarded with a long-term contract.

Can anybody apply?

Yes, we don’t care about gender, cultural background, religion, race or age. So yes anybody can apply. But, we only work with a maximum number of people per region and prefer to work only with the best and highly motivated people.

Want to become a Brookline ambassador? sign up now!