Get a free spikeball or kanjam display

We have specially developed displays to boost sales by catching your customers’ eyes. The design grabs your customer’s attention, arouses their curiosity and tells them all they need to know while considering a purchase. Did you know that on average, sales will triple with a display? Set up the display in front of the store and you will have guaranteed success!

Use this eye-catching display

The display is highly functional. That’s because it is designed to hold multiple sets. Consequently, you don’t have to use up any extra space. The sets can be neatly stacked on top of each other in the display. In addition, the display incorporates an LED screen mounted at eye level so we can immediately show your customers what it is all about. Above all, it demonstrates why the games are such tremendous fun and a real must-have. Experience has taught us that they really do work. Seeing people play makes others want to join in!

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Boost your sales by catching your customers’ eyes!

Spikeball display

There is room for no fewer than 6 Standard sets and 4 Pro sets!

KanJam display

There is room for no fewer than 6 Standard KanJam sets, 4 KanJam Illuminate sets, 8 KanJam mini sets and 6 x 3 KanJam disc!

Special Offer for a free Sales display

Did you know that we are running a special promotion to provide you with a free Sales display? Please get in touch with us for more details: +31 (0)55 3030 980. Orders can be placed directly at

Request a free sales display here!