Get a free Spikeball or KanJam display!

As we said at the beginning, our service doesn’t stop at supplying Funsports. We help you fill the shelves, but also support you in selling the products. We have specially developed this display to boost Spikeball and KanJam sales by catching your customer’s eye. The design grabs your customer’s attention, arouses their curiosity and tells them all they need to know about Spikeball while considering a purchase. You have to admit that these POS displays make a stunning addition to your shop presentation.

Use this eye-catching display
The display is highly functional. That’s because it is designed to hold lots of Spikeball or KanJam sets. Consequently, you don’t have to use up any extra space. The sets can be neatly stacked on top of each other in the display.

The Spikeball display holds no fewer than 6 Standard sets and 4 Pro sets

The KanJam display holds 6 KanKanjam Standard sets, 4 KanJam Illuminate sets, 8 KanJam Mini sets and 6×3 discs 

In addition, both displays incorporate a 10-inch LED screen mounted at eye level so we can immediately show your customers what Spikeball or KanJam is all about. Above all, it demonstrates why the games are tremendous fun and a real must-have. Experience has taught us that they really do work. Seeing people play makes others want to join in!

Boost your Spikeball sales by catching your customers’ eyes!

Special Offer for a free spikeball display
When you place an order for at least 24 Spikeball standard sets and 12 Spikeball pro sets for two years in a row, you will receive the Spikeball display for free (worth € 179). This means a two year agreement and the display remains the property of Brookline BV. Please contact us for the conditions.

Would you like to reap the benefits of our sales displays?
Then please get in touch with us for more information: +31 (0)55 3030 980. We would be happy to tell you about the experiences of other customers and help you with your order.

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