The world’s first foursquare volleyball & footvolley game

CROSSNET is the world’s most engaging foursquare game, available in both a volleybal (CROSSNET Volleyball) and soccer version (CROSSNET Soccer). 

The CROSSNET playing area is based on the ‘Four Square’ court. The game requires at least four players. The goal is to ‘take out’ your opponents by hitting the ground in their square. The winner is the first player to reach eleven points with a two point lead.

CROSSNET Volleyball and soccer



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CROSSNET is the #1 fastest growing backyard game in North America last year!

“CROSSNET is a true game-changer. It’s great for my young kids and a blast with my friends. From beaches to parks, inside or outside, volleyball has been reinvented.”

DONALDO SUXHO, Team USA volleyball player

Crossnet volleybal w

What’s inside the CROSSNET Volleyball box?

CROSSNET Volleyball is set up in minutes and easy to transport thanks to the matching backpack that comes with the set.
A set consists:
  • Fourway net (390x390cm)
  • Backpack
  • Uprights (height adjustable)
  • Two quadrant lines
  • One boundary line
  • Includes tension cords and ground anchors
  • With volleyball & pump

    What’s inside the CROSSNET Soccer box?

    CROSSNET Soccer is also set up in minutes and easy to transport, but is slightly different from CROSSNET Volleyball
    A set consists:
    • Fourway net (390x390cm)
    • Travel bag
    • Composite uprights with aluminium tips
    • Ground anchors
    • Connecting poles 
    • Center connector
    • Steel ends with feet / ground bases
    • Without ball
    Crossnet soccer what is inside the box

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    Welcome to the game

    How to play CROSSNET

    How to set up CROSSNET

    Why is CROSSNET that popular?

    ✓ Easy to learn and play – Anyone can take part in a game of CROSSNET thanks to the simple rules (and the possibility of putting your own twist on it).

    ✓ Play anywhere – CROSSNET can be played anywhere you want. On the beach, in the garden, in a sports hall or at the park!

    ✓ Active & Fun – The most enjoyable way of combining sports with play and training your reaction skills. Unlike regular volleyball or beach volleyball, CROSSNET is played on a court divided into quadrants, which makes it even more fun.

    ✓ Accessible – CROSSNET is easy to set up and ready to use in minutes! Thanks to the instructions supplied.

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