About Brookline

Retail distribution for the world’s most exciting sport games

Brookline is a young retail distributor that only works with the world’s most exciting sport games. We distribute our products throughout Europe from our large warehouse in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands). Brookline has its origins in our enthusiasm for unique, active team sports. We only bring onto the market the games we’re excited about ourselves, because in our opinion, we think Europe should have the opportunity to get to know these special (and addictive!) sports. Our entire service is geared towards this goal.

More than just distribution

Not only are we a reliable distributor, we also function as a brand ambassador, marketer and consultant. Our customers are retail organisations focused on sport and recreation, as well as those that operate in education and the tourism sector. They can count on rapid delivery and a whole host of extras besides. We strongly believe that we and our customers can increase and broaden awareness of the brands that we deliver. We want to inspire consumers and introduce them to the world’s coolest sport games, and we support the retail sector in achieving this objective.

Benefit from our experience

While Brookline is a young organisation, we already have more than 30 years’ experience in retail distribution. We know the market, know which trends are on the rise, and choose only the world’s coolest games. This makes Brookline a valued partner in the sport retail sector and in all other branches that work with appealing sport and game products.

Spikeball volleybalteam

Our team



International Sales Manager

+31 653 267 259

More about Erwin

Determined and committed to bringing the latest, coolest sports games to the European market ever since Brookline was founded in 2020. Brookline’s strategy and plans just spoke to me immediately and I wanted to be a part of it. Preferably in a role that suits me best: sales. And in the role of International Sales Manager that’s certainly the case. I can be there for our customers on all fronts, not only as a point of contact but also as a sparring partner.

Dealing with different people every day and building valuable relationships are what make my job so enjoyable. Having so many years’ experience in sales certainly helps in building those relationships, but our sport brands make it even easier. When I first visit a customer with Spikeball, KanJam or YOU.FO, everyone is immediately enthusiastic, which isn’t so strange because I play regularly too. And once they’re enthusiastic, we can get down to business!



Back Office Manager

+31 682 666 497

More about Sylvia

My colleagues and I work together to fulfil the wishes of Brookline customers. I’m always ready with a smile to help our customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Ireland and Eastern Europe. I hope they can sense my smile and enthusiasm over the phone. What makes me so enthusiastic is a satisfied customer. The variety in my job and the cheerful team I work with really appeal to me, especially because we try and get the best out of each other. At my job interview, I felt we clicked within five seconds, so that was a clear sign I was in the right place.

In my spare time, I am a proud mother to Alexander and wife to Edwin. I enjoy walks and you’ll find me at the gym around four times a week. Whenever I get the chance, I go travelling. Whether it’s hiking along the River Liffey, watching the sunset in Croatia or enjoying a glass or two of wine on the Ramblas, I love all that! In fact, I found wine so interesting that I recently embarked on a course to become a vinologist.



Back Office Manager

+31 682 685 158


More about Elena

Mediator, problem-solver, interlocutor and facilitator. In other words, I’m the link between the customer, our product range, the warehouse and the logistics department.

My area of responsibility involves providing customers with a wide range of support. They can come to me for anything and I’m happy to share ideas with them. I enjoy the international nature of my work and the fact that each customer has their own unique approach. Jobs of this kind are scarce, but I was lucky to find one so close to home. Although our team works hard, they still find moments to relax. There’s certainly no lack of dynamics.

As a Veluwe girl, born and bred, you’ll regularly find me in the forest where I like taking long hikes or out and about touring the Veluwe on my gravel bike. If I’m not there or at Brookline, then there’s every chance I’ll be looking after my small collection of subtropical plants or making jewellery. I’ve always got something to do so I never get bored.

You.fo fun set

New brand!


YOU.FO is world’s newest fun sports game (launched in 2014), based on throwing and catching an aerodynamic ring with specially designed sticks. This Dutch invention is recognized for its innovative character (PROFIT European Award for Innovation and Dutch National Innovation Award) and its already played in 15 countries worldwide.